1.     Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy applies to all visitors to the website chilli-wine.com.

This policy applies to the user when it first visits the site and at any subsequent visits. By using the Site and confirming the Notice of Cookies and Privacy Policy, the User acknowledges that he accepts and agrees with all the provisions of this policy.

This policy may be revised or updated at any time without notice or notice. By using the site after changing this policy, the user confirms that he agrees with the changes.
The service provider kindly asks users who disagree with this policy or its amendments or additions to either decline a cookie notification or leave the site and will no longer use it in the future.

2.     Data collected on users

The User Provider using the Website stores personal and other data that users themselves publish on the Site or forward them to the Site with the purpose of submitting an online order or notification to the electronic notification (e-news). The publication or transmission of these personal data to the site by the users is voluntary.
In the site visit statistics, the provider collects the IP addresses of the networks from which users accessed the site, but it is not possible to identify users.
The site’s provider uses cookies, which identify users, but this does not allow users to identify.

3.     Data processing

The provider will use the collected user data exclusively for the following purposes:

  • enabling the application on the site and the granting of certain rights, and
  • enabling access to certain sections of the site to registered users / clients;
  • keeping records of registered / registered users of the site;
  • informing subscribers of current offers via e-mail to the e-mail address given by the user as part of the e-newsletter application,
  • statistical and marketing analyzes and surveys relating to registered users of the website; in doing so, it shall not disclose any information relating to a particular user;

The site owner undertakes not to provide the obtained data to third parties (with the exception of data transmitted through the lower cookies).

4.     Data protection and storage time

The provider protects all user data in accordance with this policy and with the requirements for the protection of personal data, which are determined by the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. The provider regularly performs data backup, and the connection between visitors and the site is encrypted using the SSL certificate.
The User acknowledges and agrees that the provider keeps his information which he has provided to the provider when registering or submitting an e-newsletter is kept at all times when the user has the status of a registered / logged in user and another year after the termination of this status. Other information may be kept as long as this is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data were collected, and then permanently deleted or effectively anonymised so that the specified data can no longer be associated with a particular user.

5.     Use of cookies

– What are cookies?

They are text files that allow you to keep the settings you have already used (eg a one-time login without re-entering the username and password) when you visit the site again. Most websites use cookies. This site offers a better user experience, and with the help of the obtained statistics, we offer better and more relevant content.
In order to increase the transparency of the use of cookies that you confirm, we wrote it down in the table, added a clear purpose and duration. In this respect, we observe the law and regulations, in particular the Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette No. 109/2012, hereinafter ZEKom-1).

– What are urgent cookies?

These are those cookies that need to be downloaded so that the page can work properly and that the user has the best user experience. The first are cookies that allow proper functionality and functionality of the page (eg PHPSESSID). They provide security and efficiency. Others are cookies (eg wordpress_HASH) that provide a service that users specifically request, that is, sign-up and registration.

Name of the cookiePurposeDuration
 PHPSESSIDA cookie allows you to save sessions between individual requirements within the content management system.Session
 wordpress_HASHThe cookie contains user authentication information and is used in the administrative interface within the Content Management System.Session
 wordpress_logged_in_HASHThe cookie contains user authentication information and is used in the administrative interface within the Content Management System.Session
 wordpress_test_cookieThe cookie serves to verify that the browser can accept cookies or not.Session

– Cookies for which we require your explicit permission

These are the ones that help us to update the site, provide relevant and useful information, and let you use our website in conjunction with social networks. The first are cookies linked to the monitoring of statistics. The statistics we acquire are not linked to the ip of the computer and are collected anonymously. With it we can improve the content on the website and obtain urgent information that enables the website to obtain sponsors. Statistics are used only for our own purposes. Other cookies are cookies linked to social plug-ins, our cookie is linked to Facebook Like Windows.

6.     User rights

The bidder will at any time allow the user who, at the time of registration or later, expresses the desire to receive the provider’s e-mail messages, to unsubscribe in a simple and easy manner from the receipt.

The user can change or update his / her personal information at any time, which can be done directly on the website or via our e-mail address.

In the case of data that can not be changed in the manner referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, the user may request the provider from the request that he sends to our e-mail address that the provider completes or corrects the data relating to him and which are incomplete or incorrect. The burden of proof is that the data is incomplete or incorrect, it is on the user.

The user can request the request that he sends to our e-mail address to confirm that the provider confirms whether he collects or processes user-related data and what information he collects and processes. The request can be submitted once every 3 months.

The user may request, by a request sent to our e-mail address, that the provider sends an electronic copy of the user-related data. The request can be submitted once every 3 months. Before submitting a copy of the data, the provider has the right to require the user to prove his identity in an appropriate manner. If the provider also doubts the user’s identity after this, his request may be rejected.

By requesting a request to our e-mail address, the user may request that the provider permanently delete all data relating to him. Before the deletion of data, the provider has the right to require the user to prove his identity in an appropriate way. If the provider also doubts the user’s identity after this, his request may be rejected.

7.     Exclusion of liability

The Bidder is not liable for any damages that would have occurred to the user because he provided incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information at the time of registration or later.

8.     Final provision

The ineffectiveness of any provision of this policy, irrespective of the reason for invalidity, does not mean that this policy as a whole is invalid. In such a case, an invalid clause is considered unsigned, and this policy continues without this provision.

9.      Contact

You can find our contact details on the Contact or at the bottom of our website.

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