the story goes...

This is how the story goes …

Everyone who was passionately involved in the creation of the CHILLINo story have instantly felt the energy; we knew that our product was something different, something bold and pleasantly unusual.

The day after we first introduced the spritz to the guests of a special event, we were driving back home and, slowed down by the rush hour, we drifted off into thinking and wondering about how to introduce the two CHILLINo products to the world.
One of us said: »One gets to be 6 and the other 9, and together they will form the magic number 69.«

Chillin-Chillout story

by Matic Vizjak, Chilli Wine Founder and Owner
Chillino Spritz is the love child of our famous Chilli Wine, which was born in a small town called Šmarje pri Jelšah, Slovenia, and awarded one gold and two silver medals in New York City, 858 times the size of its birthplace.

You can tell this story to your kids, for it is a story of a dream come true.
You should ask my parents if this was annoying for them or not, but for me, my whole life has been a shiny speedy roller coaster ride that also brought me plentiful rewards. Courage, unless mixed with fear, is always of a great value. I grew up a creative spirit, always striving for more.

For nine years, I worked in Slovenia and abroad as a waiter, bartender, cook, lifeguard, receptionist, as well as a personal trainer, but I also served on a Singapore-based ship for a year and lived in Australia for another. At the age of 27, I returned to Slovenia and began introducing innovations to my family and friends. New products were created at our family ranch – which dates back in 1864.

One of my best-received ideas was also chilli wine, a very intriguing product. (Back in the day, it was branded 'čili vino', the Slovene letter 'č' being pronounced as 'ch' in 'chilli').
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