Is CHILLINo Spritz very hot? »Does it burn«?
Our special formula translates to a perfectly balanced degree of spiciness, guaranteed to stimulate your tastebuds: you will become alert and more susceptible to the divine flavor that starts developing after you take your first sip. The gentle touch of chilli will then gradually subside with each passing second, but the harmony of our elixir’s positively euphoric taste will go on and on.
Should we drink it during the summer or is it a winter drink?
Summer is the pick. Chillino Spritz is refreshing and low-calorie drink, perfect for the summertime blues.
But you will be happy to learn that you can enjoy our chilli wine drink in any season. This is simply because there is nothing better than to chill every day. Moreover, chilli has this wonderful characteristic that makes you feel warmer in the winter, whereas its spicy compound (capsaicin) allows the body to cool down in the summer as a matter of fact.
What is the secret behind the intense aroma of forest berries in our rosé (No. 6)?
The fruit extract is produced from the finest berries found in the forest.
Do you add any artificial substances to the drink?
None. This is proven by letting the drink sit in a glass for an entire day, the aroma will all but completely disappear – and this is a key difference between natural and artificial aromas. The only aromas present are completely natural, namely chilli and forest red fruit in CHILLINo Spritz 6, and chilli and basil aroma in CHILLINo Spritz 9.

Both recipes are invigorating and relaxing at the same time, with no side effects!
Do I need to add anything else to a CHILLINo Spritz?
Chillino Spritz is served absolutely without any additional mixers or ice.
When is the best time to order a CHILLINo Spritz?
CHILLINo Spritz can be consumed as an ‘after-work drink’, when we want a little touch of something exotic to pamper ourselves, or when nothing but pure elegance and class will do when we have special company.
It is rejuvenating and refreshing in a pleasant way, but at the same time, it is a low-calorie beverage with a very manageable degree of alcohol.
We recommend serving it as an apéritif before meals – it is the perfect introduction to a pleasant time spent in the spirit of friendliness and openness. But if you’re with your significant other, order the numbers 6 and 9 and see what happens… 😊

It is the perfect fit to the conclusion of business meetings and at the same time an excellent choice for parties and other social occasions.
How should I serve it – what is the service protocol?
The ideal serving temperature varies between 8–10 degrees Celsius. You may drink it straight from the can or pour it into a low chilled glass – without ice, of course.
Is it OK if I pour CHILLINo Spritz into the glass myself (or should I ...)?
You can do whatever you like. CHILLINo is a drink for strong individuals full of temperament. You are right to pour it into a glass yourself since you are the one creating your own mood and making your own decisions.
Is CHILLINo Spritz to be enjoyed solo, in a couple or in a friendly crowd?
It works in all combinations mentioned above. Given it’s such a unique drink, you can enjoy it when you are on your own, in the company of that special person, but it’s also great when you socialise with your friends – but be careful because it does stimulate imagination! Considering the numbers 6 and 9 and the distinctive flavours of both drinks, you may also toy a little bit with the tasting and number combinations.
Why do the caterers love it so much?
It is unique. One of a kind in the world. Not every bar keeps it, nor can just any bar have it.
CHILLINō Spritz - Magnificently striking.
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