for a spritz of chill out!
A natural refreshing drink made of wine, soda and chilli – one of a kind in the world.
Two flavors, two prestigious prizes in 2022: GREAT AMERICAN GOLD and GREAT AMERICAN SILVER!

It is a bubbling, low calorie and super tasty elixir for the perfect and immediate chill out – anytime and anywhere!
Like chilli, the drink is full of vibrant life! The effect of refreshment, relaxation, and revitalization is simply magnificent and undeniably powerful!

CHILLINo SPRITZ is the world's first award-winning chilli Wine Spritz ever. A true champion!

It is also the ‘love child’ of the chilli wine, the pride and joy of the Vizjak Estate from SLOVEnia in the heart of Europe. This chilli wine won one golden and two silver medals from among 650 registered wineries and from over 4,000 samples of wine.
invigorates naturally
relaxes and revives
a low-calorie drink
0.0 g SUGAR
gluten free
low on alcohol
first officially awarded chilli-wine in the world

Spicy, different & attractive

with one purpose only.
This exquisite source of relaxation will stimulate you naturally, thanks to its special recipe combining fine ingredients for an immediate release of spicy and lively energy, which lasts and lasts…
We have created it with one purpose only – to transform special moments into unforgettable ones.


to transform special moments into unforgettable ones.

Nō 6

A combination of the finest white wine with chilli, natural basil extract and a dash of soda.

Nō 9

A combination of the finest white wine with chilli and a hint of a basil natural extract.
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