Bee's knees

Did you know that the name of this Prohibition-era cocktail is slang for ‘the best’? Well, we like to think that with our special ingredient, the ChilliNō Spritz 6, the best can become even better. Now, how about that? Also, if the creator of this little marvel in a glass was the first head bartender at the Ritz, imagine what he could do to enrich it with a bit of refreshing glitz courtesy of a special spritz? No need to wonder – here is the answer! Any time of the day can be gin o’clock, and any time of the day is as good a time as any for a buzz and a pleasingly invigorating delight that is the Bee’s Knees with our ChilliNō Spritz 6!

Berry mimosa

The unbeatable mimosa… Along with its companion, the Bloody Mary, it adds the perfect touch to any truly great brunch party with your dear ones. But what if you wanted to go full-on-red, just because red is such a great and passionate color? We’ve got you covered with this recipe for berry mimosa! Our sparkling version replaces good old champagne with something new and exciting, the ChilliNō Spritz 6, to kick things into higher gear and spice up your day. And, last but certainly not least… You might not think that the mimosa is a very rock’n’roll drink, but we beg to differ. The father of rock’n’roll is Chuck Berry, and one of the most exciting bands of the past 3 decades are the Red Hot Chili Peppers. See what we did there? We’ ve got berries and chilies, so let’s rock that brunch, shall we?

Blackberry hibiscus spritz cooler

Remember Blackberry? You know, the brand that made cell phones primarily intended for those whose career was in business? The inventor of our chili wines used to own one, so this was perhaps the subliminal inspiration for this sublime drink. With the blackberry hibiscus spritz cooler, we mean business! Cool business, that is, to be celebrated with a strikingly dark red, heavenly sweet yet refreshing (we’re looking at you, ChilliNō Spritz 6, you little charmer, you) cooler. It just doesn’t get cooler than that, we tell you! And who knows, after everyone finds out that you make such a mean cooler, your phone might begin overheating as it won’t stop ringing at all…

Elderflower spritz

The delicate elderflower may have a subdued look to it, but we assure you, it is far from shy when it comes to flavour, which is complex, beautifully rounded, floral (what else?!?), yet still mellow. But if we combine it with tangy lime juice and some perfectly balanced heat and sparkle – which is precisely the name of the game when it comes to our ChilliNō Spritz 9 – this raises the bar for the perfect summer refreshment drink. On second thought, why wait until sunlight illuminates our meadows and warms our gardens? Just grab the gin, cane sugar and elderflower syrup bottles, squeeze a lime, take a can of perfectly chilled ChilliNō Spritz 9 from the fridge, mix and you have the ideal drink to enjoy with that summertime playlist mix any day of the year.

Grapefruit tequila

You don't even need a sombrero and a Mariachi band to take your mind off your daily routine and let it drift down Mexico way because we have something very "¡Ay, caramba!" in store for you: our bold grapefruit tequila cocktail recipe. It ticks all the boxes: chili powder, jalapeño and tequila! This well-behaved heat swirls around elegantly in your glass thanks to the fine bubbles in our ChilliNō Spritz 9, while freshly squeezed grapefruit juice contributes gently bitter and sweet elegance to this exquisite formula. Or as the Eagles would sing so beautifully: Desperado (that’s you), no need to come to your senses, no need to Take it Easy (of course not) because down in Hotel (Baja) California (or your favorite bar, doesn’t matter), there’s a New Kid in Town (ChilliNō Spritz 9) charming everyone he meets in the warm glow of the Tequila Sunrise.

Green goddess kiwi spritz

Imagine a sports match between New Zealand, South Asia, England, Mexico and Slovenia… rather difficult, no? But we’ve done just that with our Green Goddess Kiwi Spritz recipe. Not a sports match, but a match that will set your heart on fire, featuring kiwifruit, lime juice, gin and ChilliNō Spritz 9 (proudly made in Slovenia from our local white wine and homegrown top-notch chilies). If Spanish poet García Lorca had known this cocktail, he might have written slightly different verses: Green, how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches... Green Goddess Kiwi Spritz.

Spicy berry tequila

Can you hear that swingy acoustic guitar & saxophone instrumental playing in your head before you shout out “Tequiiiila!”? We certainly do, but then we said to ourselves, let’s paint the town red a bit more, so we invited to the party some mixed forest fruits, boosted their flavors with thick red syrup, freshened it all up with mint, mineral water, and then graced the audience with the absolute star of the show, ChilliNō Spritz 6 to add spice to this unforgettable adventure in the form of a long drink. Dear ladies and gentlemen, the spicy berry tequila!

Spicy margarita

You know how they say that heaven is accessed through the Pearly Gates? The word ‘margarita’ in Latin signifies ‘pearl’. Little wonder then that our spicy margarita cocktail is… well… heavenly, even though it also drifts off to the other end of the afterlife spectrum with the gentle fire provided by fresh jalapeños and our finest chili extract used to make the unbeatable ChilliNō Spritz 9. Would you believe us if we said that heaven has never tasted this naughty? If not, all you need to do is get all the above ingredients and follow the recipe to a T (T stands for ‘tequila’ of course)!

Watermelon tequila

The best advice that many budding party animals got during their college years was to hydrate (drink plenty of good ole H2O) when it was time to hit the bars. However, this can be seen as sort of counterproductive, right? You’re not going to drink water… Well, think again, because, there’s plenty of water in watermelon, so that concern is elegantly out of the way. But then, watermelon is sweet, yet ever so slightly on the bland side flavor-wise… Fear not, our recipe for a beautiful non-disaster has you covered: the magic word (or rather ingredient) here is ChilliNō Spritz 6 – it sets the benchmark for tastebud ticklers. May we also add that in our expert opinion, the measurement of ‘heat’, i.e., the Scoville scale, should also feature a special category for spicy combinations. Because in such a category, this marriage of tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice and the ChilliNō Spritz 6 (‘spritz’ rhymes with ‘hits’), AKA our watermelon tequila cocktail would surely top the chart!